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Free Our Data

Free Our Data: Links

A list of links to interesting and useful resources (and other points of view). If you have a suggestion for a link that should be here, put a comment on the blog.
  • Peter Weiss's "Borders in Cyberspace" paper about the relative benefits of closed and open access to public data. Here's the HTML version; here [link fixed 13/9/09], the PDF, here.
  • The European Commissions 'Actions in Member States" page on the re-use of public sector information. (It links back here, but also to initiatives in Czechoslovakia, Denmark, the UK Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) and Ireland.
  • The Open Knowledge Foundation, which puts forward the idea that making data and information widely available and accessible benefits us all. It also has a blog.
  • The Ordnance Survey's "Freedom of Information" page. Exactly how much of their information is really free?
  • The Ordnance Survey suggests why trading funds might be a good idea. (You don't have to agree..)
  • "Why public geodata should be free": a mirror of a now-expired page from the server. ( was pushing for free geographic data in Canada in the 1990s and afterwards.)
  • - "a community-driven response for anyone interested in BS7666, BS8766 and GIS". (BS7666 "specifies a standard format for holding details on every property and street. The standard does not differentiate between commercial or residential properties, between occupied, developed or vacant land, between urban or rural or between addressable properties and non-addressable entities such as communications masts" and BS8766 (which seems to be a standard for names, and will be used in the ID Card scheme, but apparently doesn't have any offficial definition). "GIS" are geographical information systems. (added 16 March 06)
  • The Re-use of public sector information blog, run by Dr Martin de Saulles of the University of Brighton's school of computing - defunct. Sorry!
  • This site's Articles page, which has links to responses from the Ordnance Survey and from Locus (a group of private organisations that use GIS)
  • The Office of Public Sector Information's (OPSI) October 2005 report on the Ordnance Survey's "Fair Trader" scheme (200KB PDF) - discussed on the blog.
  • suggest more links to us!